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【多圖有片】美女音樂家系列 令你百聽不厭 一睇再睇的鋼琴手Lola Astanova


早前就睇過美女彈結他,又睇過美女彈琵琶,今次就睇埋美女鋼琴手Lola Astanova
來自俄國既Lola Astanova(俄語:ЛолаАстанова)是一位俄裔美國鋼琴家,她以對肖邦、李斯特和拉赫曼尼諾夫的作品以解讀而著名,不時都會係IG上影低自己彈琴既片,引來世界各地數以十萬計Fans,你Follow左未?


美女琴手Lola Astanova1 美女琴手Lola Astanova2 美女琴手Lola Astanova3 美女琴手Lola Astanova4 美女琴手Lola Astanova5 美女琴手Lola Astanova6 美女琴手Lola Astanova7 美女琴手Lola Astanova8

美女琴手Lola Astanova9 美女琴手Lola Astanova10 美女琴手Lola Astanova11 美女琴手Lola Astanova12

美女琴手Lola Astanova13 美女琴手Lola Astanova14


Time for another piano warm up/exercise video❗️?? Many of you ask me what I do to perfect my technique so this is meant to give you an idea of what I like to come up with to challenge myself (being the nerd that I am ???‍♀️) • First, I have to say that when I am just starting to play, I don’t start fast right away☝?. I’ll play regular scales (?) for about 5-10 minutes before doing anything else. • Most of the tricks I come up with are aimed at improving coordination/muscle memory/strength and agility. Some of my favorite challenges are: 1) Alternating between black and white keys 2) Having your hands go in opposite direction, (that run down in thirds ☠️? is no walk in the park, but it works!??) 3) Purposely trying to throw yourself off by playing patterns that are a bit unnatural, because this allows you to gain greater control of the keyboard, and makes common challenges seem like a piece of ??. I hope this gives you some ideas?to try! Sound off in the comments below if you have any questions and let me know what you think! (Watch me play this slowly in stories⤴️)

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